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Crimz is the first and leading food brand of Vacuum Fried Foods in Kerala,located exactly at Kozhikode,the land of tastes.

Vacuum frying is exactly what it sounds like:frying in a vacuum condition using a low temperature which is lower than that of conventional frying methods. If you have ever eaten a vacuum fried food, you have been starring into the packet for the next big snack and you cant stop it because of its taste. We offer you the best healthy as well as tasty vacuum fried snacks.

Know More About Vacuum Frying

What is Vacuum Frying?

Vacuum frying is a deep-fat frying process,which is carried out in a closed system, below the atmospheric pressure, substantially reducing the boiling point of water and , hence , the frying temperature (less than 90℃). The low frying temperature and minimal exposure to oxygen are responsible for most of the benefits of the vacuum fried products.

What are the major health benefits compared to open fry method?

Frying temperature of oil is less than 90℃, which retains oil properties and reduce toxic component formation in the Oil. Low temperature & absence of air during frying retains original color, Texture & Flavor of the product. Reduced fat uptake (50-60%) compared to open fried products. Low moisture content and water activity increases the product shelf life.

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